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Our History

D Sy Law is a full-service independent international law firm founded by Delphine Constantin. 


Delphine Constantin has 15+ years of experience practicing across the ASEAN region and in India


She is qualified as a Solicitor (England & Wales), and was admitted as an Avocat in France.

D Sy Law has specific expertise advising European investors in South East Asia (ASEAN) and in India on the development and financing of complex projects in a range of sectors, on multi-jurisdictional transactions, as well as risk management and disputes in sensitive contexts. 

We also assist on all aspects of Asian  outbound investments into Europe, or commercial or  partnership agreements with European parties.

We have noted expertise on Asian investments into Africa (and French-speaking Africa, specifically). 

We advise individual clients in relation to complex personal or employment situations in an international context. 



Our Coverage

Our Partners

D Sy Law is associated with MCE Legal, legal and tax advisors, which has 4 offices in Switzerland and 2 offices in France.  MCE Legal operates in France as MCE Carrel.

We work with a network of independent partner firms in Asia and Africa.  We have a historical relationship with each of our partner advisors. We apply full transparency to our parter fees.

Our Fees

D Sy Law provides competitive pricing, by leveraging its unique, flexible, tech-centric operating model.  

We prioritise fee transparency and visibility,  and personalised client support. 

Our Set-Up

We operate globally  and  remotely, as required to align with clients' needs. We use Swiss-based encrypted technology for our email communications and document storage to maximise client privacy and  maintain our professional obligations.  

Our lean operating ratios ensure optimal value to our clients - and reflect our firm's continued commitment to environmental sustainability  and inclusive  client services.

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